Monday, August 17, 2009


continues with a video of aimy main buaian ptg2 di playground


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last week i woke up feelinggg whaaaaa...sakit hidung. its aimy.she dont just bite..but she cheww my nose with sound like aamm..aamm..ammm?? yah somethg like that.
then i thot eh apsal mcm berbekas...
i starred at her and when she laughed then i just noticed her first (2) lower tooth.yeah two! i wonder when exactly the first one emerged.
or is her 2 teeth came out at once?
aleh2 ajer...
anyway im so happy that finally........walaupun rambut tak panjang2 gigi dah kuar!!! hahah

yeah dah lame gler tak update milestone mybotakkss...
rambut still maintain mcm tue jer...dats why she will always be seen with her snow cap when we go out.haha shy la sumeorg asyik tegur jer. and tak sume teguran org2 tuh membina....chooyyyyyyyy!

and aimy is a trully girlish shy type of girl.i can see it since she was 7 months old,
if anybody or any strangers approach..she will smile ''shyly'',and hide her face.and sometimes gigles manja2. aduiii cairr org.hahaha
she also can wave ''bye''2 and she knows when i put my make up on,that means we wanna go out.bcoz katil die sebelah cermin jer.faham2 jerlah.
plus she also calls her ayah..'ayaa ayaa' and me...maaaam maaamm ;-p

and something came up
to be continue...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

been a long time..

yeah..been a long time since the last update here.
our laptop is still 'sick' and now we have to used ayah's (work) notebook.

8 months old. Aimy weighed 7.7kg, did not gain much because tak bleh duduk diam.
and finally she eat bubur (yeaayy) and also want to eat almost anything that her parents eat.(pulakkk)

as for milestone, hahh..aimy is really enjoying her surroundings and her limits.anythg that she found interesting she will gumming them.her favorite thing now is my hp.. she will climb our bed just to get mama's phone or her ayah's.and then she will put on her ears,bables and pretending like she was on the phone. hahaha

ok time for some pictures....

drama queen

by the window

:-) sexy pose?? haha

Cubaan berjalan dgn sendiri.

so schweettt kan kan kan.......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My life

He is My Ayah
She is My Mom

As a result..
ME! :-P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Turns LUCKY 7!

golek2 atas katil..

lying on my tummy...

owh this morning i went to the local clinic for routine checkup and hepatitis B injection.
so far..tak demam.. happy n healthy as usual.

so here's a little update:

- im ready to eat ''finger foods''
- reaches for things by sweeping moves/golek2 or while in my walker
- imitates sounds (scream/da-da-ba-ba-ya-ya) lots of ''ya-ya''...
- learning/trying to crawls
- still gallons of airliur meleleh2..
- Bangs objects together
- Stands while holding onto something (yeah kaki kuat!)

7 months old
Weight- 7.5kg
Heights- 69cm
Head diameter- 40cm
Chest diameter- 43cm

Friday, May 8, 2009

new pixies...

A lil info,
Age- 6months 2 weeks n 3days old
height- 65cm
weight- 7.5kg